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Training Program

And build a profitable advisory business whilst making an impact as a leader in your industry.

The Book Yourself Solid® Associate Training Program (ATP) is an intensive development program for new – and growing – coaches and consultants looking to build a highly profitable advisory-based business using a proven methodology.

This comprehensive program covers the entire Book Yourself Solid® Framework created by New York Times bestselling author Michael Port

and is fully complemented by brand new, custom-designed, step-by-step training for setting up, managing, and marketing a coaching or consultancy business. It’s everything you need to start or grow a high-level coaching or consulting company.

More small business owners and organizations than ever are looking for coaches and consultants with your expertise and your experience to guide them towards success.

You are – or soon will be – uniquely positioned to help them to achieve their goals.

So let us help you with our proven, proprietary, and hugely popular system.

Book Yourself Solid has been one of the most popular marketing books in the world for service-based businesses since its initial release in 2006.

The international bestselling book has sold millions of copies worldwide across four different editions, each one updated to best reflect what’s working best in the field of marketing and business growth. 

In addition, hundreds of thousands of business owners from every industry have benefited from our workshops, classes, programs, and coaching opportunities.

In short, this stuff WORKS. 

And the Associate Training Program is designed to give YOU mastery of the system to a degree that few others have gained. You will be in charge of your time, your revenue, and the way you spend your days.

This program is engineered to give you:

Consistent lead-flow, easy conversion conversations, clients who energize you and inspire you, efficient time-management while you work in your zone of genius, and a simple, effective, six-figure consulting or coaching business.

A comprehensive structure.

Enrolling in the Associate Training Program will give you a comprehensive, step-by-step structure and program to lead your clients to success through carefully crafted and well-proven programs, either virtually or in-person, based on your experience and expertise.

Follow our instructions to develop your unique coaching style within the tried and tested Book Yourself Solid® methodology, and you’ll have everything you need to secure your next clients. And you’ll do so without needing to worry about the “competition” since you’ll build an advisory business based entirely on yourself. What’s more, you will be paid more (guaranteed), and you’ll keep more of the money you earn.

We have high standards at
Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide.

Through the Associate Training Program, we’ll make sure you exceed them with your business while in the company of other exceptional coaches.

The Associate Training Program is an accelerated, live training experience.

You’ll be mentored by Book Yourself Solid’s most senior faculty, and you’ll spend three months mastering the material, which is delivered through a combination of online self-study content, downloadable workbooks and tools, and live group coaching sessions.
The program is carefully designed to help driven coaches and consultants smash through the six-figure revenue ceiling:

1: Unshakeable Foundations.

Choose Your Clients

You’ll stop auditioning for clients and instead get them to audition for you. Choose who you work with and understand exactly why they will be buying what you’re selling.

Create a Powerful Personal Brand

So that you determine how you’re known in the world. Become the ONLY choice for the clients you want to work with. Render the competition irrelevant and talk confidently about what you do so that people are hungry to learn more.

Build Valuable Trust & Credibility

Build out your Standard Credibility Builders to rapidly build trust and design a first-class sales cycle, so that your clients are able to make investments that are relevant to where they’re at … and ensure that you don’t leave money on the table.

Develop a Dynamic Keep-In-Touch & Product Strategy

Create and master the Book Yourself Solid® Keep In Touch Strategy and introduce products into your suite of offers to speed up trust and bolster revenues.

2: Profitable Product Development & Delivery.

Perfect Pricing & Simple Sales Strategy

Master Perfect Pricing and learn the Super Simple Sales Process that turns prospects into clients easily, without stress, and with consistency.

Effective Networking & Direct Outreach Strategy

Implement your Networking and Direct Outreach Strategy and learn how your CRM is the key to endless introductions, stronger relationships, more referrals, and hungrier buyers.

Effective Referral & Speaking Strategy

Build your referral strategy so that strangers become friends and friends become clients. Learn how speaking - even to very small groups - can skyrocket the number of clients on your roster. referral and speaking strategy

Magnetic Writing & Digital Strategy

Your compelling website and magnetic social presence will be in place, and you’ll master the Book Yourself Solid® Writing strategy to rapidly build authority in any market.

BONUS: Distinguish Your Business by Design.

Accelerate Your Advisory Business

Design a Book Yourself Solid® advisory business to distinguish yourself in the marketplace

Tech for Success

Set up your simple "tech stack" for advisory business success.

Delightful Emails by Matthew Kimberley

Delightful Emails Masterclass - Create compelling content and engaging email for effective client communication at every level

Graduate...and GO!

You have everything you need to sign your first or your next client straight away!

Leading your training.

Your hosts and guides are the top management – and most senior coaches – at Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide.

Coach Kym

Coach Kym is the President of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide and has coached business owners on achieving peak profitability and building a remarkable reputation in their industry for over five years.

She is the creator of Defiant Moves – helping ambitious founders to make bold decisions, break down barriers, and defy expectations.

Before coaching full-time, Kymberlee ran an award-winning creative agency specializing in animated communication for global brands.

Kymberlee has been advising, creating strategies for, and empowering businesses from fledgling to Fortune 100 for over ten years.

She gives you “the kick up the ass you need, but always with compassion and faith in your success.”

Matthew Kimberley

Matthew Kimberley is the CEO of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide and has been working getting coaches and consultants booked solid® for more than twelve years.

The bestselling author of How To Get A Grip, host of the Marketing for Coaches podcast, creator of the School for Selling, The Principles of Professional Persuasion, Delightful Emails and The Single Malt Mastermind, Matthew has been crafting inspiring and powerful personal brands for his six and seven-figure clients for over a decade.

They call him “the coach’s secret weapon.”

Michael Port

Michael is a small business expert, celebrated public speaking coach, the author of the bestselling book, Book Yourself Solid, and Founder of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide.

Michael developed the strategies for getting Booked Solid in 2005.  Since then, his tried and tested system has helped more than 500,000 business owners to get more clients and build businesses they love. 

He’s been called an “uncommonly honest author” by the Boston Globe, a “marketing guru” by The Wall Street Journal, a “sales guru” by the Financial Times, “a public speaking phenom” by Jonathan Fields, and “the best public speaking coach in the world” by Lewis Howes.

The founder of MastermindTalks, Jayson Gaignard, declared,Michael Port is the best speaker I’ve ever seen.”

We’re right beside you.

The moment you begin on the Associate Training Program, you’re no longer going it alone. We’ll be right beside you, step-by-step, giving you all the training, support, tools, and resources you need to succeed, as well as helping you with pricing, marketing, and selling.

After The training

Once you’ve graduated from the program, you’ll officially become a “Book Yourself Solid® Associate”. You’ll have:

  • all the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to consistently attract high-paying clients who energize you and inspire you.

  • You’ll have an alumni network of referral partners and a group of peers who lift you up and champion your endeavors.

  • Most importantly … you’ll be able to book all the business your heart desires and design your day and workflow in a way that SUITS YOU and SERVES YOUR CLIENTS.

Space is Limited.

Space is limited by design to ensure that you have the highest quality instruction and attention you need as you work through the process.

Secure your place on the Associate Training Program waitlist – it is ALWAYS oversubscribed.

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